Interactive Remote Woodturning Demonstrations

Club or Trade Demonstrations

I have been presenting woodturning demonstrations at clubs, trade events and seminars for over 20 years. I thought it only natural to embrace modern technology to enable me to do interactive remote demonstrations. This allows me to use the full extent of my woodturning workshop, not just what I was able to transport for the demo and from the club perspective, they save money on travel costs and can book demonstrators from much further afield. A true win-win situation!

Demonstration subjects include the following –

  • Bowl turning – a simple bowl and a thin walled natural edge bowl
  • Hand thread chasing and boxes
  • Boxes with push fit lids
  • Pewter casting with wood
  • Goblets – natural edge goblet, a twist stem goblet and hollowing with a ring tool
  • Colouring & texturing – a selection of techniques including acrylic texture/colour; spirit dyes; ebonising and grain fill techniques.
  • Colours and grain fills – a mixture of media
  • Airbrushing and masking
  • Spinning tops
  • A pair of candlesticks

I am happy to discuss other subjects and tailor sessions to suit. Evening or day demonstrations are available. Contact me for further information.

Here is an example of one of my woodturning demonstrations

Online Interactive Remote Woodturning Demonstrations for Individuals.

I will from time to time present online demonstrations which can be viewed by anyone from wherever they are using Zoom. These will be on a variety of subjects and are currently free of charge. Follow my social media to learn about upcoming events.

Remote Woodturning Tuition

If you are looking for sessions on a particular subject but are too far away, I am able to use Zoom to arrange an interactive session. During the session I can show you various woodturning techniques, look over your shoulder as you turn to give advice or work with you in ironing out any problems you may have. These sessions could be one to one or for small groups. More information on possible course subjects are available on my woodturning for woodturners website. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.