Woodturning Courses for Woodturners

Tuition in Gloucestershire

Due to Covid-19 I am not currently running any courses in my workshop. I can do some tuition online via Zoom for individuals or groups (see below). Please enquire if you want further details.


Woodturning can be a very rewarding pastime but as with any craft, some tuition and guidance can put you on the right track. Paul generally tutors on a one to one basis but would be able to accommodate up to three people if you and a friend (or two!) wanted to learn woodturning together. Woodturning lessons from absolute beginner to advanced can be arranged and can be tailored to suit your requirements. Below are some of the general areas covered in the beginners woodturning course and some topics for intermediate and advanced levels when you feel ready to progress further.
Courses are held at Paul’s workshop in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire but if you would prefer tuition on your own equipment in your own workshop, that can be arranged.

Tutor Badge

Paul is a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain (AWGB) and is an AWGB approved instructor.

Remote Tuition

Paul is able to offer remote tuition using Zoom for those who are too far away to travel. I can show you techniques, look over your shoulder as you turn to give advice or work with you in ironing out any problems you may have. These sessions could be one to one or for small groups. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Woodturning Beginners Course


Woodturning is not without its hazards and awareness of what can go wrong and adopting a safe approach will ensure you don’t come to any harm.

Turning Tools And Terminology

The plethora of woodturning tools that confront a newcomer to the craft may seem daunting at first but once you are familiar with the different groups of tools and what they do, there will be nothing left to fear!

Parts Of The Lathe

Woodturning lathes may be one of the oldest machines known to man but there are still those strange names for the main parts to understand!

How To Cut Wood on the lathe

Wood is (or was) a living material and needs to be treated the right way to get the best results. Grain, direction of cut and types of cut are all explained here.

Sharpening woodturning Tools

Blunt tools won’t give good results and can be dangerous. Learn how to create a good edge and how to keep it sharp.

Holding Wood On The Lathe

Different methods of attaching a piece of wood to the lathe to enable you to tackle any task you may encounter.


Spindle Turning

Parallel grain woodturning and it’s implications and uses.


Bowl Turning

Side grain woodturning, bowls and platters.

Intermediate / Advanced Courses

Thin wall and natural edge bowl turning

Wood selection for thin and natural edge bowls. Advanced bowl turning techniques.

Hollow Forms

Wood selection for hollow forms and vases. Hollowing tools and hollowing techniques.

Boxes And Thread Cutting

Hand thread chasing and box making

Colouring And Texturing Intermediate

Some colouring and texturing techniques using basic equipment including scorching, texturing tools, spirit dyes, grain filling media, paint techniques and airbrushing.

Colouring and Texturing Advanced

Use of power tools and air tools for carving and texturing; pyrography and texturing medium.


Goblet Turning

How to turn a goblet and how to cut twist stems.

Anything Else

Each of the above are suggestions for woodturning course sessions. However, as woodturning courses are generally one to one, we can tailor a session to suit your requirements. Contact Paul to discuss your plans.


Woodturning course sessions can usually be held to fit in with your schedule and evening sessions are also available.

  • One day £ 150
  • Half day £ 80
  • Two hours £ 60