Woodturning Articles, Tuition and Demonstrations for Woodturners

Are you looking for what  Paul makes? Then visit Paul’s Woodturning gallery. If you are looking for inspiration for gifts or something for yourself, that’s a good place to start.

This site contains woodturning related information and articles which are hopefully of interest to other woodturners or anyone interested in turning. New articles are added from time to time so stop by again to see what’s new! Information on courses can be found on the woodturning courses page.

Remember, woodturning and the tools and equipment used are dangerous. If you are unfamiliar with the tools and techniques employed, seek expert tuition before attempting to use them on your own.

A Brief History

Paul has been turning wood since just before the end of the last century and is based in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. He is a member of the AWGB, AAW, RPT and Cotswold Craftsmen and he exhibits at a number of their events in and around the Cotswolds. When Paul started woodturning, there was nowhere near as much information available on the web so a lot of the learning process was through trial and error. Being the sort of person that liked to experiment and push the boundaries of what he was capable of, this didn’t deter him at all!
Having learnt a few woodturning related techniques along the way, Paul is keen to pass on some of the hard earned knowledge to other turners and groups through tuition and demonstrations. Some of the articles and tutorials on this site originated from demonstrations and serve as a reference for those who have attended but the articles are constructed to enable anyone to follow the process even if they haven’t seen it in person. Woodturning, like many other crafts, has a number of ways to achieve a given finished product. The text here describes the way Paul has become accustomed to working but there are other equally acceptable methods. The way forward is to find what works for you and to build on that.

The lathe is believed to be one of the oldest machines known to man. In its most basic form, it is powered by hand but whichever version of the machine you use, they all have one thing in common – the ability to rotate a piece of wood to allow it to be cut to a circular form. Part of Paul’s journey with woodturning was (and is) discovering different ways to expand on the basic process to create visual and tactile effects. There is much more to turning that simple circles of wood.

Textured and coloured bowl in purple and blue by Paul Hannaby Creative Woodturner

Woodturning Demonstrations and Tuition

Are you interested in having a go on a woodturning lathe? Looking for a gift to give a rewarding experience for a friend or relative? Paul is available for taster sessions, tuition and workshops for other turners from absolute beginner to advanced level. Evening sessions and day workshops can be arranged and the content can be adjusted to suit the student.
Woodturning demonstrations and talks can be tailored to suit different subjects and audiences. Contact Paul for further details and availability.